Snow removal
Surely a company with Minnesota roots understands the demands of efficient and effective snow removal. You can’t afford to have customers or employees show up to find an unplowed lot. Our 24-hour dispatch service and fleet of experienced drivers means your lot is clear when you need it.

As soon as a possible snowstorm is identified, our crews are put on alert and mobilized when needed. We are in constant communication with our crews during a storm to help you maintain a safe and problem-free property.

To ensure top quality service, we provide 24/7 dispatch during a snow fall. If you have questions or needs regarding our snow plowing service, you can always talk to a live person during the snowfall as opposed to leaving a message and hoping for a call back.

Other services we provide during the snow season are:

Salting/Sanding- This is a critical service for you to keep your parking area free from ice which will help to decrease the potential for slips and falls.

Safety Sand Barrels- Barrels are filled with a mixture of sand and salt for maximum traction results. Gives you the ability to do touch-up sanding on sidewalks, steps, or where random slippery spots occur due to melting and refreezing.

Reliakor Advantages:

  • Snow event "system" to mobilize our crews
  • 24 hour live dispatch
  • Regular snow faxes to help keep you informed
  • Quality control checks by our supervisors
  • 43 years of snow removal experience
  • Pre-season site surveys
  • Stake out lots for maximum parking efficiency
  • Fully licensed/bonded/insured
  • All the right equipment to fit your needs
  • 24 hour mechanics to keep equipment moving through a storm
  • Latest satellite technology for tracking storms

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